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Philosophy dropout and self-proclaimed synthesist. Handle with care.

There was a period of time when computers were logical. Nowadays, almost every one of them is practically haunted. By ghosts. Of corporations.

"If you're not violating the laws of physics, it means you're not trying hard enough."

This Country is the only country i know, that sends one hundred trucks of aid per day, every day, to the enemy, at wartime.

If at first they don't crime, redefine crime.

"Endgame", my 2021 short story, is now available in English, in addition to Russian. I call this an accomplished day. Or week.


Anyone who ever dealt with bullies should know that punching yourself in the face does not in any way diminish their desire to punch you themselves. And, even if it did, there is one obvious problem with this strategy: you end up having been punched in the face regardless.

A role-playing game where you start by working for law enforcement, then, halfway through, side with the rebels, only to discover that they actually ARE honorless, remorseless terrorists, just like your superiors always told you.

The first is objectively false, the second is historically false, and the third is singling out the Jews for no good reason. As such, it seems to me, opposition to Zionism has no solid ground to stand on. Is there any other perspective you could offer?

To my best understanding, opposition to Zionism hinges on one of the following beliefs:

* That Jews are not a people, and therefore have no right to national self-determination;
* That Jews are perfectly safe and can prosper just fine in diaspora, and therefore have no need of national self-determination; or
* That national self-determination in itself is bad and should be abolished.

For who knows what time i come to realize i give people much more credit than they give me.

"I accidentally formatted my computer, can you do something about it?" is something i never expected to hear in my life, and yet, here we are.

You don't need to resort to fallacies when objective reality is on your side.

why the Israel ICJ case frustrates me
You should be more careful when selecting your sources of information, and more careful with your reasoning, that's all i can say.

why the Israel ICJ case frustrates me
"Clear as day"? Are you aware that this man's life has been scrutnized down to the small change for the last twenty years by his haters, and they only managed to get him on trial by inventing a new law and terrorizing a key witness? "I feel" he wouldn't be able to commit an actual crime without it immediately becoming an unstoppable scandal. Are you saying you have access to better news sources than those Israelis have?

This well-educated bloke is telling us how distrust of institutions is disastrous and will be the unmaking of society. Well, how about those same institutions stop betraying our trust for, like, ten years, or something, and then we'll reconsider?

Not far are the times when posting your community updates to siloed social networks will be akin to having them on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying "Beware of the Leopard".

At a certain speed and sunlight angle, the clouds become visibly three-dimensional. Can't see that unless you're flying.

I find that i'm much less disoriented by being in a German-speaking country than i expected to be, and much less than i'm disoriented by dealing with, you know, Germans.

@julieofthespirits I don't know, i'm kind of happy to use a document processor which doesn't upload everything i type to "the cloud" to sell back to me as part of a bullshit generator suite, or an image editor which doesn't drain the colors from my images if i miss a payment on a subscription.

"F*#% this!" makes perfect.