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Philosophy dropout and self-proclaimed synthesist. Handle with care.

Sometimes, the only way to fix things, is to allow all hell to break loose.

Here comes the iron man // Doing everything a lump of iron can // Hanging over your head // Filling you with existential dread [Guitar solo]

Congratulations, Internet. You have successfully defeated one bad law proposition. Hope you're prepared to repeat the feat every other year or so, because.

"I don't get it, Simon, how can you get through this utter nonsense, day in day out, without getting hammered?" — "I've been doing this for decades. It worked fine. Why should i change anything?"

"Why won't you like us? See, we hate ourselves as much as you do!"

Sometimes, you get so tired of everyone hating you, that you start wondering: "Am I actually the bad guy here?" Then you remember that the other guy has "murder you, your entire family, and your little dog too" on their to-do list, and everything goes back to normal.

My desire to be helpful is in conflict with my desire to stay sane.

"Political left vs. political right" is a boring, superficial and unproductive distinction. I prefer to think in categories of "political leanings grounded in reality vs. political leanings grounded in ideology".

"I'm curious. How do you envision a compromise with those, who find your very existence offensive?"

One might describe this level of care for the wellbeing of your targets as unprecedented.

I am a resident of Israel. AMA.

Ex-twitter, usually.

Git dammit.

The linked paper indicates that the edits were reversed after 48 hours if not caught by Wikipedians until then.

You are ever a momentary weakness away from your momentary weakness becoming your new normal.

Just because you can't imagine what kind of mischief someone could do if given access to an arbitrary kind of your personal information, it doesn't mean nobody can.

One of the non-obvious consequences of working with technology is being perpetually awestruck that anything works at all.

And, according to the same, it will only have taken a series of devastating world wars to get there. Do we want this, at this cost? A question, perhaps, best left open.

One of the non-obvious consequences of getting older is having seen enough that nothing seems profound anymore.

"I guess one can say my life right now includes a significant amount of Dealing With It."

I have to regularly remind myself it's neither my job nor moral obligation to correct the ingrained misconceptions of random people i don't know.