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Philosophy dropout and self-proclaimed synthesist. Handle with care.

If your position is only defensible through fallacies and manipulation, it might just be that your position is not a very good one, and not particularly worth defending.

If you insist that payment systems must remain functional even if or when civil infrastructure fails, i have only one question to ask you: Why on Earth are you still playing capitalism during an ongoing disaster?...

"You thought that just because thinking sand thinks you can just go ahead and stop being smart and paying attention? Well, sorry to disappoint!"

"You're an even weirder person than me!" — "That's the nicest thing anyone told me in three months!"

"This is a weird dish, but the soy sauce makes it better. Soy sauce makes everything better."

I'll have it written in my permanent record that i'm sick of being sick. Give me my singing voice back! Attack, my leukocyte army! Leave no infiltrator alive!

Walking around a plant nursery and sniffing the herbs is something i can't seem to get tired of. I may be starting to understand cats.

If i had to describe what non-metaphorical, non-metaphysical, real-world karma be like, it would be something like this:

What you DO is what you ARE, and there WILL be consequences.

"I'm just waiting for the pill i took to start working." — "Oh? I see. What year did you take it?"

You eat an emergency ration. You feel emergent.

Kindness and acceptance only last until the first stone is flung.

The only sure way to not offend anyone is to not exist.

I'm waiting for an opportunity to say "I left Twitter long before it was Not Cool Anymore".

"Vote for Our Candidate! Get yourself No Representation, from the Right People!"

Turns out, if you base your personality on your hatred towards a specific person, you will end up with not many friends, and not much personality.

Anyone ought to attend in their life to at least one wedding and at least one funeral. Or, at most one. Whichever.

The bridges are lit. It's going to be... Interesting to watch them scrambling to try and put them out.

image transcription
The Predator used voice samples from the mercenaries' interactions to bait them into convenient hunting positions. One of the last mercenaries alive, a native American, knowing he was going to die, showed his contempt to the hunter by laughing in his face. This is the same clip that the Predator uses when the situation has turned around. He didn't need to understand human language and emotions, just note the context in which their calls were used.

Make [Country] Nice Place To Live In Again

O, ye of little paint!